Who is Marilyn E.P. White?


Ms. White’s biggest claim to fame was her appearance at the 1964 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan, where she, along with her teammates, Willye White, Wyomia Tyus, and Edith McGuire won the silver medal in the 4×100 relay event. Beyond the Olympics, Ms. White has excelled as an educator, a genealogist, a motivational speaker, a musician, a poet, and a jewelry maker and a source of inspiration as a breast cancer survivor. Even as Ms. White was recently diagnosed with dementia and early on-set Alzheimer’s, she has invoked the spirit of a fighter and made the necessary adjustments to ensure that she can maintain her active lifestyle. Marilyn E.P. White has proven to be a woman of many talents and a generous spirit; which we hope to demonstrate through the ages with the Marilyn E.P. White Legacy Project.


One thought on “Who is Marilyn E.P. White?

  1. To my friend Marilyn White I like to congratulate you on your life accomplishments as an athlete as a mother as an educator other crash person also as a friend.

    As you have had challenges in your life that you stood tall and steadfast not only achieve greatness but ultimately conquered them of this latest challenge that you have a life I know you will do extremely well with that said a spiritual president amongst those it might be having those same challenges God bless you keep you and I’m always here for you talk to John Carlos

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